February Match Scores

The Rain kept the groundhogs away, but not a few stupid dedicated shooters who braved the rain and cold! Scores by Category and Overall. Also these fine shooters had their Saturday bath and shot clean! Moe T. Vader Malachi Thorne Ruthless Roth Note: Since I am lazy the March match will use the February stages… Read More »

Saturday Rain Dance

It will be raining, not sure how bad. Ruthless and I will be at the range and depending on conditions may setup 1 or 2 stages or none… If the match does get called, we can go and have breakfast at the Lake Wolford Cafe and torment them… Rustler –

February Stages

Forecast is for rain, will have to keep checking as it gets closer to the weekend. Some of these stages are from the Yuma Match.

Yuma 2019 Results

Escondido Bandidos represented the match well, here are the names of shooters who placed and received awards: 49’er:                    Clint Steele          4th place Lady 49’er:            Ruby Jewel          3rd place Lady 49’er:       … Read More »

January 2019 Scores

Well is was another disappointing match for me with one of my pistols still not working correctly (for sale cheap). Hope you did better; so check the Overall and Category scores to see how you did. There were a few cheaters that must have payed off the score keepers and shoot clean – Congratulations! Buckskin… Read More »

January 2019 Stages

Your first chance to start the new year with a clean match. Have some Eggnog and read the stages. Thanks or Curses to Mad Dog Mark for the scenarios.  Rustler –

December Scores

December scores by Category and Overall are now posted. We had the following clean shooters: Double A (I believe this was her first!) Malachi Thorn Ruthless Roth – Like he needed another pin… I especially want to thank all of you who brought a new toy and donated some gold dust. Over the year we… Read More »

December Stages

We are going retro this month back to 2016 with some stages from Lighting Will!  Please also remember to bring a new unwrapped Toy for the Marine Kids at Camp Pendleton. Thanks, Rustler – 

November Scores

I would like to thank everyone who brought Toys for the Marine Toy Drive. Please remember we will be collecting again at the December shoot. Scores by Category and Overall are now posted.  Rustler –