August Results

Top Gun Long Swede    103.00 Top Lady Wrangler Whirlwind Wendy    132.34 Top Junior Girl Diamondback Dree   207.58 Top Duelist Rustler    255.69 Top Lady 49er Lantana Lady    268.80 Top Gunfighter Yul Lose    272.57 Top Lady Gunfighter Double A    289.24 Clean Match Winners:   Long Swede JW Bass Double A

August Shoot

Congratulations to our two top shooters today, Long Swede and Whirlwind Wendy. I’d also like to thank our two new shooters, competing in their first Cowboy Action Match today with the Bandidos!  Cutter Cartier aka Chris Cartier, and Sassy Lucy, aka Bonnie Bradbury.  Welcome to you both!   We had three clean match winners today. … Read More »

July Shoot

This month we recognized Six of our regular shooters who just returned from New Mexico where the SASS End of Trail World Championship match was held, with 600 shoooters from countries around the world.  Bonnie MacFarland brought home the top Junior Girl World Championship. Long Swede brought home the top Silver Senior World Championship. Bonnie’s… Read More »

July Stages

July Stages have been posted and are ready for you to start practicing…  

May Match

Half way through the May 6th match, the rain arrived with only one shooter choosing to leave. The remaining shooters finished the match and joined in camaraderie at the club house for salad and pizza luncheon along with a swap meet….one small way for our club to say “thank you” for coming to our matches!… Read More »

Our first “fun” fifth Sunday of a Month Match

Our first “fun” fifth Sunday of a Month Match….and the winner is Bonnie MacFarlane!   We had 31 shooters and sadly, due to the heat, Clay Alexander and Alpine Lil dropped out early.  The remaining 29 shooters had a great time with flyers, lots of bonus points, loading extra ammo and drag a pony around!… Read More »

Western 3 Gun

Have you ever wished you could shoot Western 3 Gun here at the Escondido Fish & Game range? Or did you even know there was such a fun and exciting sport out there just waiting for you to try? We want to know if there is any interest in starting up a match – the… Read More »