September Match Results

By | September 7, 2019

Todays match was not your normal 10-10-4, stand and deliver where the instructions where do A, then B. It allowed you the option of free choice. You could start with any firearm, stage Rifle/Shotgun anywhere “safely” and the Rifle did not have to be shoot last (ooohhh the drama that caused)…!!!

The stages were almost all from the SASS Regional and you needed to think about them a bit… Well I have never seen soooo many Procedurals, especially Stage 4 which was actually one of the easier stages!

Let’s see if next month we can top the number of P’s with Stage 11 from the Regional!!! 😭

Despite today’s challenges please congratulate Clint Steele who is today’s Overall Champion.

There was one (must have cheated) CLEAN shooter

Ruthless Roth!!!