January Match Results

By | January 7, 2017

Congratulations to our top ten winners:  

  1. Long Swede
  2. Maddog Mark
  3. Buck Garrett
  4. Gutshot Greg
  5. JB Corn
  6. Whirlwind Wendy
  7. John Ringo
  8. Descanso
  9. Bonnie MacFarlane
  10. Hacksaw Hock
Clean Match Winners:
Maddog Mark, Big Dave, Ruthless Rascal, Blake Wade, Eeyore, Lantana Lady, Paddy Wack and Tejon Buckaroo.
Much appreciation is extended to all who came early to set up and to those who helped get all the props and targets put away.
Alpine Lil extends sincere appreciation to Double A and JW Bass for helping with Registration this morning and everyone extends a special thanks to Paddy Wack for organizing another great potluck luncheon, along with Yul Lose for bringing the buffalo burgers and to both Yul Lose and Malachi Thorne for cooking all the meat!
It goes without saying that our great Match Director, Rustler, is well loved by all for his leadership as well as Lightning Will, for another six outstanding and fun scenarios. We got the laundry done, we rode ponies all over the place, and we threw dynamite sticks everywhere!  These two guys, along with Hacksaw Hock and Gutshot Greg, are known by many for their outstanding efforts to put on “One Heck of a Great Match”!  Thanks guys!!!!
And finally….a sad farewell to Sure Shot Short, one of our new shooters who serves our country in the military. He heads off to Japan with his wife for the next three years.  Please know that your service to our country is much appreciated!
Hope you all had a great day today and we look forward to seeing you in February.  Mark your calendars for our next monthly match, Saturday, February 4th.  Stay happy, healthy and shoot straight my friends!
Alpine Lil