February Match Results

By | February 5, 2017

We had 45 shooters today and I’m proud to say that one quarter of those shooters were women.  I can remember the day I joined the Bandidos many years ago when there were three of us!  Today we had 12 ladies! I’m also excited that we now have 3 junior shooters with a 4th soon to join us on the firing line!

Overall match results are attached to this email along with a list of category winners.
To recap the results….
Congratulations to our top shooter….Bonnie MacFarlane!

Top Ten Shooters:
  1. Bonnie MacFarlane, Lady Junior, 120.19
  2. Maddog Mark, 49er, 137.09
  3. Long Swede, Senior, 147.76
  4. Gutshot Greg, 49er, 151.38
  5. Whirlwind Wendy, Lady Wrangler, 153.67
  6. Hacksaw Hock, Cowboy, 158.01
  7. Ramblen Man, 49er, 158.91
  8. Descanso, Gunfigher Senior, 162.84
  9. Ruthless Roth, Silver Senior, 168.82
  10. Lightning Will, Elder Statesman, 177.30
“Kudos” to our 6 Clean Match Shooters:
  • Malachi Thorne
  • Stumblin’ Gun
  • Buffalo Chip
  • Rascal
  • Eeyore
  • Alpine Lil
Once again….many thanks to all who helped us set up targets in the early morning hours and to all who stayed to take them down at the end of the match.  THANKS!
We are proud to announce that we have three junior shooters now…Bonnie MacFarlane, Diamondback Dree and our “first time Cowboy Action Shooter today, Silver Dollar Smith.  We also had another Junior shooter that worked hard today but who’s not quite ready to start shooting, Drake, grandson of Leverin’ Lucy!  Thanks Drake for picking brass, working the unloading table and keeping an eye on what our sport is all about!  We know you’re excited about joining us on the firing line and we look forward to that day as much as you.  Welcome!
It was great to see Cherokee Ken and Bad News Barry back shooting with us, as well as a visit from Mo T Vador, sporting a cast on his leg!
Most of us left the range when the match was finished, knowing that 8 folks stayed behind to take an ROII class presented by our Match Director, Rustler.  We look forward to seeing those shooters “sporting” ROII pins fairly soon!
Thanks to those who wore red and pink to celebrate Valentines Day and to Diamondback Dree for painting hearts on the stage 4-6 pink targets!  🙂
See you all next month on the first Saturday of the month when we sport Green in honor of St. Paddy’s Day!