EOT – TG Minutes

By | July 13, 2016

“         Hats: Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl and B-Western (ladies and men) are required to wear hats on their heads, not hanging by a stampede from your string or anywhere else. This is already a rule; just a clarification.

  • Carrying of shot shell ammo: Cannot carry ammo on holsters for later use. It is considered illegally acquired ammo. (Allie’s note: It is okay to carry shot shell ammo on the holster belt, just not on the holster itself. The Dixie Bell rig has pistol/rifle loops on the top of the holster; those are treated  like a slide and are legal as are pistol/rifle loops on the holster. This was a question someone asked me and PWB answered me privately.)

o   SHB, p. 22, (Range Operations): “The penalty for using “illegally acquired” ammunition (i.e., NOT carried to the line/staged by the shooter in an approved manner) is a PROCEDURAL. Any targets hit using that ammo are scored as MISSES.” (Allie’s note: when the rifle is  overloaded, say 10 on a 9 round scenario, the 10th round is the illegal round. For example, if the shooter jacks out any round other than the 10th, if that 10th is used, it is illegal and would result in a P + a miss. )

  • Starting in a faulted position: ROI, p. 6, 5.f. (Timer Operator): “The Timer Operator never starts a competitor in a faulted position or location. It is not considered a faulted position or location for allowing a shooter to start without appropriately loaded guns or available ammunition on their person.”  The decision has been made and a clarification will be addressed in the ROI handbook that failure on the shooter to start in the correct starting position or location will be scored a Procedural, not a reshoot.

o   Example of firearm in hands: If the starting position is with a firearm in hands and the shooter starts with the firearm on the table, then it is scored as a Procedural, not a reshoot. Just because the shooter picks up the firearm after the beep, it is not considered corrected. (Allie’s note: about the shooter forgetting to load a gun, a previous clarification prohibits leaving the line to get ammo once the first shot is fired. Also, Allie forgot to load her rifle last week. A quick-thinking TO saved me 8 of 10 misses by asking if I had spares on me, which I did. Thank you! )

  • Safety checks:Unloading table officers should check that they can see the follower to ensure there is no ammo in the magazine (rifle and shotguns). Look for rounds in the magazine and have shooter work the action of a ’97. (Allie’s note: I’ve mentioned this before and people rarely do it. I’d given up mentioning it. However, given this clarification, please start doing so as the appropriate penalty is a SDQ for failure to follow LT/ULT procedures. Following is the long-standing rule, from p.9 of the ROI. “At the Unloading Table, competitors shall unload each of their firearms, and the Unloading Officer must visually inspect all chambers to make sure they are empty. Rifles and shotguns are cycled to verify their magazines are empty.” That means you must cycle your ‘87 SG too.)
  • Standing upright:If shooter is to start with hands on hat or other stance, they must remain standing upright until after the beep, unless stage instructions indicate otherwise.

o   Example: Just because the scenario states to point 1 hand downrange does not mean the shooter can have the other hand on the gun or  bend down over the gun, unless stage instructions state otherwise. The other hand must be at SASS default, at side not touching guns and shooter must be standing upright.

  • B-Western pistol style:B-Western shooters can change their pistol shooting style in the middle of the pistol string. This is already a rule; just a clarification.

o   Example: Shooter can start shooting gunfighter for 5 rounds, place pistols on table to shoot a long gun and then shoot each gun in a traditional style.

  • Wild Bunch:Shooters can shoot Henry Big Boy rifles now.