Club Info


Open to the Public

  • First Saturday of every month 
  • Signup opens at 8:00 AM 
  • Mandatory Safety Meeting begins at 8:45 AM 
  • Shoot begins at 9:00 AM 

Course of fire is different every month. Steel targets are shot in varying order with rifle, pistol and shotgun. Score is based on time, misses and penalties (bribes may be accepted).


  • Member: $10.00
  • Guest: $15.00
  • Juniors: $5.00

Minimum Equipment Required:

  • Two (2) single action revolvers
  • Lever rifle (pistol caliber)
  • Side-by-side or Model 97 shotgun
  • Lead bullets only: 60 revolver, 60 rifle and 40 shot shells (no steel shot – lead only)
  • Eye and ear protection


Instruction Offered: Yes

Early morning at the range