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August Match and Stages

We will be having a match regardless if it is 200+ degrees and will be using the July stages  from Lighting Will’s drinking days – Enjoy!

July Match – Cancelled due to Heat

After some discussion about the heat advisory for Saturday we have decided to cancel both the match and the potluck. It is supposed to be 100 – 107, and we don’t want to take a chance with heat related health issues. 

May Scores

The weather was great and we finally got smart and shot under the Covered Rifle Range! Overall and By Category Congratulations to our Clean Shooters – Jed I Knight Kansas Long Swede Moe T Vader Silverstack Jack Also a big YeeeHaa to our new R.O. II Cowboys Malachi Reuben J. Cogburn Silverstack Jack Will B… Read More »

May Stages

Many thanks to MadDog Mark for this months stages! If you don’t like them you can let him know by using Honey and Feathers… Also, please check out our new shooting hours.  

April Match Scores

I would like to say April Fool’s on my score but for the rest of you here they are: Overall By Category We had three clean shooters this month: Buckskin Butch Double Diamond  Ruthless Roth  I call foul here; all three on the same posse and probably spotting for each other…  Rustler –

April Stages

For those of you not brave enough to deal with the rain (but smarter) and did not shoot the March stages you now have an opportunity at this shoot. April Stages are ready for your amusement! Rustler – You can watch last month’s stages if you want – Jed I. Knight  

Bandido Mojado – Scores

Today was the “Wet Bandido” match – we started with 16 and finished with 9 very wet and Loco Bandidos…  We thank the world famous Jed I. Knight for bringing the rain from Oregon! It is a pleasure to see him blast away with full black powder loads — Yeehaaa. Note: While Ruthless did get… Read More »

March Stages are Posted

The March stages are posted for your consternation or laughter! Hope to see you on the Range. Rustler – Somebody mess with Ruthless at this match – I am running out of “Clean Shoot” pins. I think he is melting them down to make stealth bullets…