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Western 3 Gun

Have you ever wished you could shoot Western 3 Gun here at the Escondido Fish & Game range? Or did you even know there was such a fun and exciting sport out there just waiting for you to try? We want to know if there is any interest in starting up a match – the… Read More »

Stinkin’ Badges

Information on how to order a Stinkin’ Club Badge has now been posted under the Bandidos Menu.  

RO-II Class February 2017

The Escondido Bandidos is scheduling an RO-II class in February 2017 after our monthly shoot. For those of you that are interested please register with Rustler at with the following information: Cowboy Alias and SASS Number The class will take 4 – 6 hours (depending if you stay awake or not) and is a… Read More »

Rebuild Cajon Cowboys – Fund Update

Congratulations to the Escondido Bandidos who raised over $4,000 to help the Cajon Cowboys rebuild their range after the Blue Cut Fire in August of 2016! Your generosity will help the Cajon Cowboys return their range to it’s original beauty and functionality much faster, both with the funds you donated as well as the physical… Read More »

SASS Western Divisional Championship Match

Escondido Bandidos’ reminder to all….the SASS Western Divisional Championship Match will be held at The Cowboys range at Norco,October 13-16. You can find their application online at!matches/czpx

EOT – TG Minutes

“         Hats: Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl and B-Western (ladies and men) are required to wear hats on their heads, not hanging by a stampede from your string or anywhere else. This is already a rule; just a clarification. Carrying of shot shell ammo: Cannot carry ammo on holsters for later use. It is considered illegally acquired ammo. (Allie’s note: It… Read More »

RO-I Class – 2/6/16

We will hold an RO I Class directly after the February 6th Escondido Bandidos’ Monthly Match. If you have all ready registered with Rustler, you’ll be receiving a confirmation email from him this week. If you have not registered and would like to take the class, please send an email to Rustler ASAP. It’s a… Read More »

Club Badges

Are you interested in getting an Escondido Bandido badge??? If I get enough responses that you’re interested I’ll put together an order. These are custom made badges with your Alias and Sass Number engraved on them. They should be less than $40 each depending on the number ordered. If you’re interested, please send an email to… Read More »

Wild Bunch Class

SASS Wild Bunch Class The Escondido Bandido’s are accepting pre-registration for a SASS Wild Bunch class to be held on a Saturday or Sunday in the March time frame. Rustler, our Match Director, has been in contact with the California SASS representative Sutter Lawman who has agreed to teach a class at the Escondido Fish… Read More »

Pozo River Vigilance Annual Shoot

The Pozo River Vigilance Committee at Lazy Arrow is excited to announce the First Annual Lazy Arrow Shootout to be held May 27-29, 2016 at our range in Santa Margarita, California, and it is promising to be a fantastic event. The Shootout will include: warm-up mini matches, speed matches, black-powder night shoot (led by Three… Read More »