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RO-I Class – July 14th

I have scheduled an RO-I class for Sunday, July 14th from 8 AM until Done with is usually early afternoon. Class will be held in the air-conditioned club house! Please send an email with your Alias and SASS number to if you are interested in attending. The cost is $10. Rustler – Note: If… Read More »

Cowboy Practice – Cancelled

We will no longer be having Cowboy Practice on the First Friday of the month. Attendance did not justify taking up the range time from the club membership. Thanks, Rustler –

EFG&A Annual BBQ – Bandidos Shooting Event

EFG&A will be having their Annual BBQ on May 20th which is open to the public. Besides the great food and prize table there are several shooting events. For the first time in at least 15 years the Bandido’s will host a Cowboy Action Shooting event! It will be one Pistol with 5 rounds on… Read More »

Escondido Bandido Club Logo

We need a club logo and I am artistically handicapped, maybe also mentally. So I am reaching out to our membership to see if anyone can design a graphic for us. Who can be our “Quick Draw McGraw”  

RO-II Class

The RO-II class is scheduled for May 5th after our monthly shoot. Rustler – Current Class Registration RO-II Malachi Reuben J. Cogburn Train Wreck Sassafras Kid Jus Paul Fusty Dogbreath Will B. Broke Silverstack Jack

Winter Hours

The Winter and Summer Hours are now the same: We shoot under the rotunda. Out of the rain and out of the sun. Signup opens at 8:00 AM  Mandatory Safety Meeting begins at 8:45 AM  Shoot begins at 9:00 AM 

Dulzura Dust Storm

The 2017 Dulzura Duststorm Salute to the men and women Of the armed forces Saturday, November 11, 2017 Presented by the South Bay Rod & Gun club and SASS The Dulzura Duststorm is a local event.  The Dulzura Desperados reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone based upon your demeanor or ours.  SASS rules… Read More »

New Posse Marshall

Just wanted to warn everyone that there is a new Marshall in Town that will be riding herd on you pilgrims. Double Diamond has volunteered  kicking and screaming to act as one of our Posse Marshall’s.  I know everyone will support our new Law Dawg or it may get ugly (with P’s and DQ’s)… Rustler –

New Club Territorial Governor

Please congratulate Gutshot Greg for volunteering (sucker) to be our new club TG. He is not as pretty as Alpine Lil, but I am sure he will do our club proud! Most importantly he gets a cool “Stinkin Badge“…  Thanks Gutshot!