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Match Information

Open to the Pubic:  First Saturday of every month  Signup opens at 8:00 AM  Mandatory Safety Meeting begins at 8:45 AM  Shoot begins at 9:00 AM  Minimum Equipment Required: Two (2) single action revolvers Lever rifle (pistol caliber) Side-by-side or period correct pump shotgun Lead bullets only: 60 revolver, 60 rifle and 40 shot shells (no steel shot –… Read More »

December Match Results

It was a wonderful day to shoot under cover and stay protected from the rain… 😁 Here are todays Match Results. I really appreciate those of you that brought toys for the Marine families. A special thanks to JB Corn and Aurora for their donation. JB drove out special to deliver them today – thats the… Read More »

December Match Stages

I was reminiscing about Hacksaw Hock, Paddy Wack, Alpine Lil and Lighting Will when they were still shooting with the Bandidos.   In appreciation of Lighting Will I am bringing back one of the matches he wrote a few years ago.   This way you can blame him 😂!

Wild Bunch Scores

It turned out to be a very nice day to have a Wild Bunch Match and here are the scores.   There were 11 shooters who decided to get off their Turkey Butts and came out to play (thanks Lantana Lady for letting Double Diamond out unsupervised).   A big thanks to Sassy Kitty and… Read More »

Wild Bunch 11/30

We will be having a Wild Bunch match on Saturday 11/30 and Lunch at Lake Wolford Cafe afterwards.   Stage  Pistol  Rifle Shotgun         1 21 7 6 2 21 9 6 3 21 8 6 4 28 10 6 5 14 7 6 6 28 10 4        … Read More »

November Match Results

The scores are available – I would like to really, really thank Trainwreck for doing the scoring today!   Also a big thanks to Sassy Kitty for registration and keeping me organized!!   A bigger thanks to all of you who brought Toys for the Marine families and a huge thanks to Rowdy winning the… Read More »

November Stages

The Updated stages are ready for your review. Please remember we are collecting toys for the Marine families and a donation will get you a ticket to the free shoot drawing. Rustler –

October Scores

Scores have been posted by Category and Overall congratulations to Gutshot Greg as the Overall winner! Clean Match Winners Malachi Thorne Tejon Buckaroo

October Stages

October stages are now available for your review. A big thanks to Maddog Mark for writing them and taking the blame for all the P’s…  Also as a reminder I will be having a RO-II class after the monthly match in the club house. Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

September Match Results

Todays match was not your normal 10-10-4, stand and deliver where the instructions where do A, then B. It allowed you the option of free choice. You could start with any firearm, stage Rifle/Shotgun anywhere “safely” and the Rifle did not have to be shoot last (ooohhh the drama that caused)…!!! The stages were almost… Read More »

September stages are now posted!

The “Train Wreck” stage from last month is back so both posse’s have an opportunity to P on this stage again. I also found out it is officially called the San Juan Sweep, but it’s still a Train Wreck… A few of the stages are also from the Regional for your enjoyment or frustration… Be… Read More »