Monthly Archives: November 2019

Wild Bunch Scores

It turned out to be a very nice day to have a Wild Bunch Match and here are the scores.   There were 11 shooters who decided to get off their Turkey Butts and came out to play (thanks Lantana Lady for letting Double Diamond out unsupervised).   A big thanks to Sassy Kitty and… Read More »

Wild Bunch 11/30

We will be having a Wild Bunch match on Saturday 11/30 and Lunch at Lake Wolford Cafe afterwards.   Stage  Pistol  Rifle Shotgun         1 21 7 6 2 21 9 6 3 21 8 6 4 28 10 6 5 14 7 6 6 28 10 4        … Read More »

November Match Results

The scores are available – I would like to really, really thank Trainwreck for doing the scoring today!   Also a big thanks to Sassy Kitty for registration and keeping me organized!!   A bigger thanks to all of you who brought Toys for the Marine families and a huge thanks to Rowdy winning the… Read More »