Monthly Archives: May 2016

May Shoot

Congratulations to our top 5 winners: #1 Gutshot Greg 130.13 #2 Long Swede 134.32 #3 Whirlwind Wendy 142.56 #4 Maddog Mark 153.61 #5 Ruthless Roth 153.85 We had 5 folks shoot a clean match: Lightning Will (Finally!!) Buckskin Butch (Cheated with new Eyes!) Eeyore Yul Lose Whirlwind Wendy Tejon Buckaroo

Bandido Wild Bunch Match

The Bandidos will have a Wild Bunch Match on Sunday, May 29th.  Registration and Set up will start at 8AM. At 9AM we’ll have a quick safety meeting and then shooting will begin. There will be 6 challenging stages with 3 shooting categories: Traditional, Modern, and Cowboy. The Cowboy class will basically be a “Run… Read More »