Cajon Cowboys Fund Raiser

Our “Sister” Cowboy Action Club up in Cajon Pass, the Cajon Cowboys, lost a good 50% of their shooting range equipment to the Blue Cut Fire this week.  Many of the facades survived, like the opera house, church and fort, but a good portion of their equipment and some of the buildings were lost to… Read More »

Cajon Cowboys Fund Raiser – Gun Cart

Yul Lose will be raffling off a custom built gun cart at the Western Divisional in October. The winning ticket will be drawn at the awards ceremony. There will be 300 tickets sold at $10.00 each and every dime of ticket sales will go to the Cajon Cowboys. After drawing that winning ticket their will be an… Read More »

Territorial Governor Election Results

A big congratulation to Alpine Lil (SASS #56935)!! She has been elected as the Escondido Bandidos Territorial Governor and will be our club representative to the SASS Board of Directors. Please welcome and support her in this new role, as she will have her hands full with this group of ne’er-de-wells! Rustler –  

EOT – TG Minutes

“         Hats: Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl and B-Western (ladies and men) are required to wear hats on their heads, not hanging by a stampede from your string or anywhere else. This is already a rule; just a clarification. Carrying of shot shell ammo: Cannot carry ammo on holsters for later use. It is considered illegally acquired ammo. (Allie’s note: It… Read More »

July Match Results

Overall and Category Scores are attached below! Top 5 winners: 1. Whirlwind Wendy 2. Hacksaw Hock 3. Ramblen Man 4. Ruthless Roth 5. Bonnie Macfarlane

June Shoot

Congratulations to our top 5 shooters: Bonnie MacFarlane Whirlwind Windy Gutshot Greg Maddog Mark JJ Johnson Kudos to our 3 shooters who shoot clean today: Stumblin’ Gun (First Clean Match!) Eeyore Bonnie MacFarlane And a big welcome to our newest shooter Silverstack Jack.  We hope you had a fun time and we look forward to… Read More »

Escondido Bandidos July 2nd Match and Potluck

Wear your red, white, and blue regalia. Burgers, hotdogs, buns, and condiments will be provided. RSVP by June 27th to Alpine Lil at to preregister. Email Paddy Wack at and let us know what you are bringing to the potluck to share. (We need cheese and fixin’s for burgers, side dishes, drinks, and… Read More »

May Shoot

Congratulations to our top 5 winners: #1 Gutshot Greg 130.13 #2 Long Swede 134.32 #3 Whirlwind Wendy 142.56 #4 Maddog Mark 153.61 #5 Ruthless Roth 153.85 We had 5 folks shoot a clean match: Lightning Will (Finally!!) Buckskin Butch (Cheated with new Eyes!) Eeyore Yul Lose Whirlwind Wendy Tejon Buckaroo

Bandido Wild Bunch Match

The Bandidos will have a Wild Bunch Match on Sunday, May 29th.  Registration and Set up will start at 8AM. At 9AM we’ll have a quick safety meeting and then shooting will begin. There will be 6 challenging stages with 3 shooting categories: Traditional, Modern, and Cowboy. The Cowboy class will basically be a “Run… Read More »

April Shoot

Congratulations to our Top 5 Shooters: #1 – Buck Garrett #2 – Ruthless Roth #3 – Hacksaw Hock #4 – Gutshot Greg #5 – JW Bass Also….congrats to our top lady shooter, Whirlwind Wendy. We had 5 clean match shooters….Rustler, Buck Garrett, Tejon Buckaroo, Smith Mountain and Ruthless Roth. A special welcome to shooters attending… Read More »